Social Media

Bar Ama Baro project launch

As Communications Manager of the USAID-funded Bar ama Baro education project in Somalia, I managed a virtual program launch event during the COVID-19 pandemic. The campaign included videos and quotes from both key officials and the Somali people. The launch took place on Facebook and Twitter, earning over 1 million impressions, 100,000+ engagements, and over 2,000 followers—all completely organically.

GoHealth Urgent Care: Flu Shot Campaign

I wrote the copy and collaborated with a designer for a social media campaign urging people to get their flu shot.


Read the full Sociality Squared case study here.

I led a team to help Dolphin Browser make the leap into Facebook Live video with a unique giveaway campaign. We devised The Dolphin Browser Mobile Throwdown to engage fans in a fun, youthful, and innovative way. The event centered around two phones battling on live video to determine which mobile device was the best phone of 2016. The campaign involved the fans throughout the entire process. They were first asked to pick which phones they would like to win in a giveaway, with the most votes ultimately going to the Google Pixel and the OnePlus 3. Our team then crafted a storyline in which puppet proxies for these two mobile devices would battle in a live video boxing match. Dolphin fans could cheer on their favorite phone during the live event by using a Facebook reaction assigned to each fighter. This gave fans the ability to influence the outcome of the event. Whichever phone was receiving the most Facebook reactions was dominating the fight. After the event was over and a phone champion was named, Dolphin immediately hosted a giveaway of that mobile device.

The campaign resulted in: the post with highest engagement rate in the page’s history, total engagements increased by 62.7% from the previous month, and over 11 days worth of video views (16,000+ minutes).

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